30 June 2015

Summer Outfit

Good Evening girls :D You might have seen that I am so much into white shirts because I can combine them with everything ♥ 

But today I want to present you a really special one that I just love and is my favorite lately. I will still try to manage my enthusiasm and go out in something else too, but for sure you`ll see it often on my posts ♥ Also I have to tell you that you can find it at a great price and even more at a discount. So for more info you can click HERE and you`ll be directed to the blouse link.

Even more, If is the sale season, you should check the Kurtmann website because they have incredible items at a great discount. For examle I have these gold sandals from them and they were best buy :D

If I will find anything else be prepared because I will share all the tips with you ♥

Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
White Shirt: Here
Short jeans: Here
Zara Sandals from Kurtmann available: Here
Ray Ban Sunglasses Available Here
Bag: Similar Here

25 June 2015

Sheinside Giveaway- win $120

I know you all love Sheinside. They recently shortened their name in She IN... So whenever you decide to buy or wear something from them, be sure you`ll always be IN and not OUT of style :D.

SheIn just prepare a big summer giveaway for you all and offer you a chance to win $120 gift card

Here are the rules :
1) Register on Shein.(Click the following link to register on SheIn.com
3) Share this post on your Facebook profile and make it public in order to be checked and marked as valid.
4) Leave the comment under this post with your email address & the link to your shared post

The giveaway will last two weeks and there will be 1 lucky winner 

I have also prepare for you a small selection of new in items :D You`ll be able to see how gorgeous they are and even more to figure out how many things you can buy with $120. So, enjoy ♥
1. Grey top: Here
2. White top: Here
3. Pink & White dress: Here
4. Boho dress: Here

1. Grey Dress: Here
2. Black V-neck dess: Here
3. Tribal shorts: Here
4. Tassels Kimono: Here

23 June 2015

25% discounts added to the Shopbop Sales ♥


I have to confess: I am writing this post right now because earlier I wanted to be between the firsts who benefit from this 25% discount added to the already discounted products on Shopbop for a direct link you can either click Here or on the picture :D ♥

So imagine that now, you can have your favorite designers items reduced at even more than 70%. So just check it out and let me know what you have bought because this is something that you just can`t say no to and I`m sure that I`m not the only online shopping maniac that seeks discounts in order to obtain the best price for my favorite items. 

Even more, this added discount will last for 3 days, but hurry up, because some of the greatest and gorgeous items will be sold fastly. 

Soon, meaning that in max 7 days I will also share with you my pick. Until then, let me know what you have found interesting. 

Kisses, Manuella ♥

Romantic White

Good morning loves! Here I am with a new outfit post that looks like I just got out of the bed and went out.  I know it sounds awkward but still I felt amazing wearing this outfit: Both comfy and elegant. And even more it is perfect for hot summer days when everything you wear seems to suffocate you, but this one....not even in your worst scenario :D

I hope you enjoy the outfit and wish you all a wonderful day
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Sandals: Here
White dress: Here
Watch: Marc Jacobs Available Here
Bag: Luxury Collection by Albertines for YVY Bags
Bracelet: Pandora
Lace-up Maxi Chiffon Kimono
Lace-up Maxi Chiffon Kimono: Here
Lace-up Maxi Chiffon Kimono

Lace-up Maxi Chiffon Kimono

20 June 2015

Rue de Trucs: simplitate si feminitate

Saptamana aceasta a insemnat un nou inceput pentru mine. Dupa cum stiti am incheiat programul de master pe care il urmam in cadrul ASE-ului si va pot spune ca sun pregatita sa ma implic asa cum imi doream in activitatile mele preferate: blogging si de asemenea sa acord o mai mare importanta si timp in proiectul lansat datorita pasiunii mele pentru pantofi ♥

Astfel ca am foarte multe lucruri frumoase as spune pregatite pentru voi si sper sa va placa.
Daca in postarea anterioara am vorbit despre minunatul eveniment organizat de fetele de la Bucharest Style, acum o sa va prezint cateva poze si info despre cel mai recent eveniment la care am luat parte, organizat de Rue des Trucs.

Dupa cum ati observat si in postarile de pe Facebook si Instagram, am avut ocazia sa port o greatie semnata Alina Buzila, minunata persoana din spatele Rue des Trucs. M-am simtit minunat si dupa cum afirma si ea creatiile sunt inspirate de simplitate si minimalism iar eu as continua si prin feminitate. In linii mari, un brand in care ma regasesc pe deplin.

Va las in continuare in compania pozelor realizate la eveniment, sper sa va placa si sa va inspire ♥

Despre Rue des Trucs:
Ruedes Trucs, un brand românesc pasionat de simplitate şi minimalism, dă startul verii prin lansarea celei mai noi colecții resort, RIVIERA. Prezentată ȋn premieră ȋntr-o atmosferă chic, ȋn grădina British Gallery din Bucureşti, colecția evidențiază relaxarea unei ținute de vacanță tradusă cu uşurință ȋn mediul urban, ȋn care formele organice şi fluide sunt susținute de rigoarea detaliilor.

RIVIERA surprinde o siluetă lejeră, lipsită de prețiozitate inutilă, discretă şi sensibilă, construită din țesături de bumbac şi mătase, cu accente de printuri florale, atenuate prin suprapuneri transparente. Jacheta de vară, cămaşa albă, tunica şi caftanul sunt reinterpretate ȋntr-o colecție nonşalantă, o invitație la o stare de vacanță ȋn orice moment al zilei.

Kisses, Manuella ♥

 Tinuta mea este compusa din:
Top & Pantaloni scurti: Rue des Trucs
Geanta: Yvy bags
Pantofi: Il Passo

18 June 2015

5 years of Bucharest Style and the end of 5 years of school :D

 Yes indeed, the 2 events couldn`t match better than this. The Bucharest Style anniversary took place earlier this week and it was awesome to contribute and be right by their side. I love these 2 girls, Silvia & Raluca and if you didn`t had the chance to be there, see in these pictures what a cool event they managed to create.

Also 5 years of school. I feel so proud, but still exhausted :)) I am happy that I managed to take care of everything and as my mom always says: "Work hard, now when you`re young and you`ll have the world". A bit extreme but still extremely convincing and motivating ♥

I would like to tell you more but right now I have to get prepared: Is my love`s B-Day and I don`t really want to be late. Wish you all a wonderful summer because for me it has officially started today ♥

Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
Jumpsuit: Stefanel
Fringe boots: Inia Lavin

17 June 2015

One outfit with 2 pairs of shoes :D

Hy loves! It seems that lately I`m so much into the jeans ....everything: blouse, printed dress, shorts and so on. I just love how easily I can combine it and I have to admit that I can wear it every single day.
Regarding the post and the today`s outfit, I want to show you that you can pick more than one pair of shoes for one outfit. You`ll see that I have picked a pair of She In gold sandals and a pair of silver Tamaris flats. Both picks inspired me and I think that if you want to be more casual the gold sandals will be perfect. But if you want to change a bit the style and go a bit more than casual the silver flats are a great pick.
Sure, it will be safe to pick a pair of heels too, but I thought that it will be too much in just one post to share with you 1030820483 pair of shoes :))

I just hope you like it and for more details and direct links to each item check the I was wearing section.

P.S.: Stay tuned because I also have prepared for you a wonderful come back giveaway in which you`ll have the chance to win a $120 voucher to spent on whatever you want. More info later on ♥

Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Denim Blouse: Here
Pants: Here
Bag: Similar Here
Sandals: Here
Flats: Tamaris

13 June 2015

Back to work with a new ootd

Good evening girls! Here I am back to work and back with a new outfit. Is not like until now I just waste my time doing nothing, but as I previously told you I was a bit busy with all the master program tasks, that required a lot of time, attention and work.
But now I`m back and from now on I will be able again to be even more active here and I also have sooo many new outfits prepared to show you :D
Today I want to show you some of my favorite items that I own for a while and I also managed to wear them before in different combinations and you might have seen them on my facebook page where I`ve tried to have some activity.
Is all about this wonderful printed dress ♥, the pink shoes and some special accessories. You can find all the details and direct links to each of them as I used you, in the "I was wearing" section. :D

I hope you enjoy it and I have to tell you that I missed so much writing and talking with you here
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
Dress: Here
Watch: Marc Jacobs available Here
Bag: Moschino similar Here
Shoes: Here
Sunglasses: Ray Ban available Here

26 May 2015

Why do I love online shopping?!

Today, I want to tell you more about one of my favorite online stores and at the end you`ll find some advantages and disadvantages together with some tips of the online shopping.

First of all, I just received a new package from Shopbop.  The awesomeness is the fact that it arrived in 4 days after placing the order. I couldn`t believe it when the mail man came to my door because the package was sent from US. If you want to sent something in Romania it can take longer :)).

My latest order contained a Marc Jacobs watch and some Calvin Klein lingerie. You can see them Here and Here. All of them were perfect but I want to mention you something: When you`re buying clothing or lingerie from US take a closer look at their sizes because for example their M is bigger than the Romanian M. 

Also my previous orders contained 2 different Michael Kors bags that you might have seen already on my blog: Here, Here and Here
I have to confess that this website became one of my favorites and if you want to eliminate all the taxes that the Romanian authority requires to pay, you can pay them directly on the website when you finish the order and everything will be much more simple. 
P.S.: you`ll have to pay them anyway because is a non EU package.

These are some of the items I just ordered with just one additional mentioning: I bought more lingerie items because I couldn`t resist haha. I will do my best to picture them soon and show them to you. But believe me, the reality is not different at all. ♥

And now, is time to share with you my most valuable points of view when it comes to online shopping.
You might have found during my posts that around 90% of my wardrobe is bought online. I was a bit insecure during my first order, but after gaining experience I become in love with this activity.
Maybe your next question will be: " But why?" Well, here is a high number of answers:
1. The online shopping is faster that the one where you`re searching the entire mall.
2. You can find all the items in one place and use key words for a faster result.
3. Large availability of products and you don`t need to go from one store to another because in the first one the desired item is out of stock.
4. New products that are not yet available in your city and some that will never be.
5. The "wishlist" is extremely useful and reminders that tell you when the item is almost out of stock are also essential even more when you want to buy something but from various reasons you can`t.
6. Some of them are cheaper that in the local stores.
7. In case of the most preferred website of mine( Find it HERE) The package arrives in maximum 4 days... from the US... believe it or not. But I can guarantee you ♥

And because I want to be honest to the end, here are some disadvantages and indications if you consider to buy online:

1. Don`t forget that for the non EU packages, you`ll have to pay VAT and custom duties. It is unpleasant and from my point of view abusive but what can we do?!
2. Payment is not really a problem if the website is secured and safe. But a bigger problem that will only take time is the case in which you want to return something. Check the info of the websites.
3. If you want to avoid the "return process" I suggest you to read carefully all the details and the product description. You have there all the measurements for each size in cm and inches.
4. When the delivery takes longer than expected. It can happen but don`t worry, in the end, in my case, I received them all.

23 May 2015

Black and white

Casual! This is how I can best describe the outfit without any other comments because I`m in such a hurry and I just hope that you`ll enjoy the pictures and maybe this outfit can inspire you on what to wear on a busy day when you have to be in 10 places at a time :))) You can find all the details and links as usually !

Wish you all a wonderful Saturday evening!
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Blouse: H&M
Ripped Jeans: Here
Sneakers: Here
Bag: YVY Bags
Bracelets: Swarovski and Pandora